Our Software: Simply Complete

VendSys is a complete vending management system, integrating software, handhelds, remote monitoring, and cashless transactions in a single, seamless unit.

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VendSys PC

Data management for all Core Business Data

Vending assets, accounts, products, routes, warehouses

Cash Variance Report

Asset Maintenance Form

Sales Tax Report

Route Mapping

Cash Accountability
(DEX and Non-DEX)

  • Cash
  • Product
  • Meter

Inventory Management

  • Product movement tracking through warehouses, routes and machines
  • Waste/spoilage tracking
  • Handheld transaction capture with barcode scanning

Route Operations and Related Functions

  • Generate vending equipment services using any combination of:
    • Printed service cards
    • Handheld data capture (with or without DEX reading)
    • Remote Monitoring
  • Forecasted Pre-kitting derived from DEX-read item-level sales
  • Applying cash

Standard Reporting, including

  • Cash variances
  • Waste/Spoilage
  • Commissions
  • Sales Tax

Management Reporting, including

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Pricing analysis
  • Machine servicing tracking
  • Machine and account profitability
  • Sales reporting

VendSys Mobile

Planogram Optimization

Machine Service Planner

Our handheld software is flexible and can operate side-by-side with printed route tickets. We recommend Motorola hardware , but VendSys will run on any Windows Mobile (6.0 or greater) Professional device.

  • Operate with planograms defined with Product Items or Product Groups– on a machine-by-machine basis.
  • Either way you can read DEX to obtain meters
  • We support forecasted pre-kitting and remote monitoring concurrently in the same route
  • Machine inventory can be perpetually maintained if product tracking is desired
  • Where Wi-Fi is available on the route, drivers can DEX the machine with no additional communication costs

VendSys Remote

VendSys Mobile

Our Remote Monitoring solution is not a stand-alone product, nor was it a later add-on, shoehorned in to fit as best as it could. VendSys Remote was specifically designed into the VendSys product set from day one and is directly complementary to our software.

Customers pay an additional fixed monthly per-machine fee when they incorporate Remote Monitoring into their operation.

  • VendSys is the ONLY Remote Monitoring solution to support Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular to each customer's database
  • You can fully integrate cashless payment systems on any machine using remote monitoring with no additional communication costs