Why a Hosted Solution

In recent years, all kinds of services have migrated to the Web. You bank online at the office, manage investments at home on the laptop, and order groceries and gifts any time day or night. So why not take advantage of the Internet to run your vending operation?

That’s the alternative model VendSys provides its customers. We are a hosted service; an Internet-based solution with a single point of access through your PC. All computing needs are handled by VendSys’s own servers. You have secure 24/7 access to your account and the full complement of our vending management tools.

The VendSys Difference

VendSys Hosted Solution Typical Vending Software
Upfront Capital Investment None
(Just your office PC and an Internet connection)
  • VMS software license
  • Cabling & routers
  • Obtain local IT Support
Initial IT Responsibilities
  • Convert data (VendSys handles at a low, one-time fixed fee)
  • Download VendSys user interface onto local PC
  • Optional: Vendor-suggested handheld; DEX or non-DEX per customer choice
  • Convert data (manual)
  • Purchase server
  • Install server software
  • Required: Vendor-prescribed handhelds for mandatory DEXing
Training First routes typically launched with just 36 hours of Web training First routes typically launched after 50-80 hours of mandatory training, both Web and on-site
Ongoing Expenses Predictable monthly fee based on active vending machines (only those machines that have been serviced during the month)
  • Ongoing server support
  • Data archive & maintenance
  • Ongoing IT Support
  • New servers every 6 years
  • New version 5 year upgrade
  • Ongoing License Fees